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The MRC Group offers international consulting services with local support to clients from its offices worldwide. We are committed to helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. MRC capitalizes on its expertise in the critical issues involved in the restructuring of the energy & water industries, as well as the design and the actual implementation of sustainable energy strategies, to provide services providers and government agencies with high quality expert advice and comprehensive bespoke solutions.

Our multidisciplinary approach, combining technical, economic and financial skills, provides a comprehensive view of business opportunities and challenges in essential infrastructure and environment sectors.

The services of MRC Greece are organized along three practices:

    • Consultancy Advisory
    • Quantitative Analysis of Energy Systems
    • Integrated Energy and Climate Planning
    • With a focus on Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Climate & Sustainability
MRC Services - Technical Studies


Our consulting services are based on our long experience in  using detailed computational tools for assisting evidence-based decision making in enterprises and countries.

Our team has provided advisory service to governmental institutions on clean energy development, renewable energy integration in energy systems, energy efficiency interventions and related action plans over the past 25 years.


The MRC Group has signed strategic agreements with excellent companies having a long history in engineering, consulting, and transaction advisory services. These agreements aim to widen MRC action and competencies through the combination of skills, references, client network, and regional presence of the involved companies. Thanks to these partnerships and collaboration, the MRC Group has access to the support of over 120 professionals from sister companies, as well as multiple offices and representatives in 11 countries.

We also have regular collaborations with renowned local and international firms which adds value to the consortia formed and allows us to better address our clients’ needs.


Energy, Engineering, Environmental and Economic (E4) Modelling.

Building’s energy efficiency modelling, simulating the energy consumption for the different uses within buildings and calculation of the effect of energy saving interventions using EnergyPlus and Esp-r modelling packages.

Power system modelling, using state of the art software tools for generation expansion planning, transmission system expansion and operation model. The tools include proprietary software or open-source models like ANTARES.

Energy System modelling, utilising established software tools including:

  • TIMES modelling framework, developed by the ETSAP TCP of IEA which is a least cost optimisation modelling framework which can be used for analysing the medium to long term development of the energy systems of cities, regions, countries, group of countries and even global level analysis, including emissions and other constraints (land use, water use etc).
  • LEAP energy system model, extensively used in developing countries for the development of low emissions development strategies.

Macroeconomic energy system modelling utilising General Equilibrium Models, to analyse the interaction of the energy sector with all the other sectors of the economy.


We offer quantitative analysis using detailed modelling frameworks to construct concrete plans for the transition to a decarbonised energy system.

Our experience in energy planning integrating emission mitigation options including renewable energy and energy efficiency can be coupled with adaptation analysis for complete energy and climate plans.

The economic analysis of renewable energy integration in the energy system and in particular high RES penetration in the power system requires the use of sophisticated engineering and economic modelling tools. Preparing for the consequences of climate change, the modelling and review of energy systems resilience to climate change and the related costs analysis is becoming more and more relevant. Our team can offer specialised advice on all the relevant topics.